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The Positive Vibes Project
madelynnm wrote in lukegasm

So, the downfall of any fandom is that haters are gonna hate. I guess that's life, someones always unhappy! But I wanted to do something to show that not everyone in the NCIS fandom (specifically) loathes CdP/Ziva! This isn't calling anyone out, everyone has a right to dislike whatever the hell they want, but I feel like especially over this long break, we need some positive vibes!

**This is not a 'shipper' project, this is to show that people like Ziva and Cote de Pablo as a character/actor and not just someone attached to another character/person that they ship. Meaning, you don't have to like Tony/Ziva, Ziva/Gibbs, Ziva/Abby or Ziva/Anyone to participate. It's all about the positive vibes and love!

The original idea was to start a "we love & support CdP/Ziva" type community, because I felt like there was an overwhelming presence of nastiness in fandom toward both the actor and character. But there are multiple gen-Cdp/Ziva communities, so I thought this would be more fun. It's a picspamapalooza! So what you do is make picspams (anyway you want!) of CdP as a character or just random photos, post them in the comments and we'll gather them all together eventually and just kind of keep it as a reminder that despite what it seems, people ♥ her!

This is a wank free...erm...'thing'. Don't like her? Don't participate. Don't like the character? Don't bitch. If you like CdP in general, feel free to participate, this isn't specific to NCIS! It's just a positive vibes kinda thing! So go on and post your spams in the comments! Let people on Twitter and tumblr know if you like this idea!
(Also feel free to add just general positive-happy-love comments or other graphics too!)

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