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!celebs: CDP I love this woman.
madelynnm wrote in lukegasm
I tested out some new styles...constructive crit is very much appreciated!
Do not edit, claim as your own or post elsewhere. Feel free to use them as you wish, credit is also appreciated as I did spend a lot of time on these! :) Also, please do not hotlink.

lims entries/alts

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I despise the term 'McNozzo' I'm not sure why. And Gance does sound like an STD!

IDK about McGiva...I don't like that either. I kinda ship them too, but I usually just call it tim/ziva or McGee/Ziva. Miva! hah

And McNozzo does sound like a sammich! A delicious one!

I don't care for name mashups in general. I'm boring, and just type everything out. It takes like, .3 more seconds.

Miva sounds like an Italian softdrink. Where I got Italian from, I have no idea.

lol Miva xD ?

McNozzo reminds me of a sandwich, for some reason. > uahaha :°D

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