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MW and CdP MC spams!
madelynnm wrote in lukegasm

IMAGE HEAVY DUDES. I'm updating throughout the day, so check back. I don't wanna spam my fl with a million picspams.

I've gone crazy today, omg.

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Haha i totally just posted one of the first pics not 30 seconds before I saw this. Don't blame you for posting a million pics, that red dress is kind of crazy-inducing.

i know they were still being added to an album on cdp fansite when i started the spam haha

You know, it really hadn't struck me how small Cote is compared to Weatherly until that third group of photos ... I guess she's wearing non-heels in it as compared to her usual shoes.

That's part of why I ♥ her. She's short and tiny and represents all us tiny girls!

And it's also why the newest appreciation thread on fanforum is titled "Cote de Pablo/Ziva David Appreciation Thread # 7: Inspiring flat-chested girls everywhere..."

Tiny yes. Short. Not really. She's 5'7" or 5'8" depending on which bio you read. Michael is a big guy. 6'2" tall with nice muscles.

I think her resume said 5'5 or 5'6, granted it was a few years ago, but she's pretty tiny no matter what.

Though the muscles bit about MW right now is debatable :P

I would like you to know that you may picspam Michael and Cote whenever the urge hits you. You should consider it a public service. ;)

They're just so pretty.


These are great. :D And I'm having problems with my Ziva set of icons for the 20in20 because she looks SOOO pretty. ;-)

That gif is adorable! Where are you finding this stuff? *hugs* Keep it coming. :D:D:D

Youtube, alyss_ (twitter) and wireimage. :D

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